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Top 5 Great Female Leaders Around the World

Leadership is a process of guiding other people towards achieving great things. Thus, being a leader is not an easy thing to do, especially living in a patriarchal world that most of the leaders are men. Historically, women in some parts of the world during ancient times are not allowed to join any social activities, and what they do is to remain at home and serve their own family.

  However, today’s current times have changed – that women today are now allowed to participate in social activities like voting, and even running for candidacy.

There are many known female leaders around the world that are known for being such a good leader in serving other people and even a nation. Below are the top five lists of great female leaders around the world, arranged in no particular order.


She was a legendary Egyptian female leader that set up a good political leadership towards  North Africa. Further, she was also known as the women of the great leaders Mark Antony and Julius Caesar. Her complete name is Cleopatra VII Philopator, also known as the last active ruler of Egypt. Cleopatra really shows in that time that women in that era can also rule a nation. However, archeologists are still bothered looking for the tomb of the said queen ruler.


  She is a female nurse and one of her greatest achievement is reducing the casualty during the Crimean war. In which, she also set a good role model of being a female leader on how to really care to their patients. She was also known as “The lady with the lamp” and the founder of the modern nursing.


Her full name is Rosa Louise McCauley Parks, and she is a contemporary African-American civil rights activist she was best known as the first lady of civil rights that was given by the United States Congress. Further, this is one of the main reasons why there is a civil rights movement during this time. When on the December 1st, 1955, in which she refuses to follow the order of the driver of the bus to give her seat to a white passenger this scene helps ignite the fire of civil rights movements in the Montgomery Bus Boycott. She became the most important symbol of that movement during that time and also a great icon when it comes to the racial segregation.


  She was also known as Queen Victoria of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and also gain the title of Empress of India in which it is a great privilege to be to be given to a foreigner to that land. She reigns in for over 63 years and 7 months in which she really becomes a great female leader of that time. She was also successful in increasing the territory during her reign across the globe.


  The best known female leader of China in which she ruled for over 15 years. She made Buddhism as the main religion of China. She gained the respect of the people for her wits and being intelligent in leading a nation, thus most of the time of her rule no great wars really happens,  harmony and peace can be found in the sleeping giant – China.

  Thus, there are still great female leaders who have done something to prove that they are capable of doing beyond expectation; and these women had just made history interesting and inspiring.