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5 Things to do for Teenagers to Stay Productive

The state of being a teenager is the most crucial bridge of state in becoming an adult. Vast opportunities that a teenager can learn and be productive in this stage.

Thus, being a teenager is prone to becoming easily bored and wanting to do something – like being productive.

Below are the best known five things that a teenager can do to stay productive in time.


  Engaging to something new is first thing to do in order to be productive- go beyond the outside box. Thus, in engaging to something new also means learning something out of it and can be used to be a productive teenager. For instance, surfing the internet to search for a simple side-line job that a teenager can simply do by creating an account in some sites that offers a job or a sort of platform in searching a job.

Just stay away in those addictive video computer games, in which a negative one in delaying a teenager in becoming productive.

  1.       LOVE YOUR SELF

Loving one-self is also the most important thing to do for a teenager to stay productive, because in this way youths can improve themselves – improving their different abilities and skills like reading a book, exercising, appreciating oneself and socializing to other people to gain a certain relationship. Thus, loving your self is an expression of accepting one-self for what you really is, and not for who you are.

  1.       STAY HEALTHY

Staying healthy in all aspect of the body such as the mental health, physical health, emotional health and spiritual health can be a good thing to do to be a productive teenager. Have enough sleep, a teenager needs at least 8 hours of sleep for the different body parts to function well.

  •       Mental Health – Read books
  •       Physical Health – Exercise
  •       Emotional Health – Meditate
  •       Spiritual Health – Go to church and Pray
  •       Social Health – Go outside and make friends

There are various organizations in the government and Non-Government Organizations that are in need of volunteers, why not register and go for it. Thus, by volunteering as a teenager will be more connected and adept to the community.


The most important thing for a teenager to stay active is to have a certain degree of goals. In which, a teenager is aiming for it to be achieved. Hence by thinking about a goal is also thinking about the future. List it down, and choose the goals that can be achieved being a teenager. As an early age, it is way better to plan ahead of time about the future career.

Thus, being productive in the early stage of being a teenager can be a fruitful way for the future of a person to flourish well. There are still many different things that a teenager can be productive but as a teenager it is still important to chill and relax in that way it may not sound being productive – but it is.